Sperm tsRNAs and acquired metabolic disorders


作者:Menghong Yan and Qiwei Zhai

Journal of Endocrinology 卷:230 期:3 页:F13-F18  发表年份:2016

摘要:Many findings support the hypothesis that metabolic changes associated withenvironmental factors can be transmitted from father to offspring. The molecular mechanisms underlying the intergenerational transmission of metabolic changes remain to be fully explored. These acquired metabolic disorders in offspring may be partially explained by some potential epigenetic information carriers such as DNA methylation, histone modification and small non-coding RNAs. Recent evidence shows that spermtRNA-derived small RNAs (tsRNAs) as a type of paternal epigenetic information carrier may mediate intergenerational inheritance. In this review, we provide current knowledge of a father’s influence on metabolic disorders in subsequent generations and discuss the roles of sperm tsRNAs and their modifications in paternal epigenetic information transmission.